Chakra Supporting Oils — Dragonspit Apothecary & Crafts

Have you used essential oils to help balance your chakra?
I just love this post about it – check out more through the link bellow!


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The Summer 2018 Living Magazine is now available!

This issue features:

· Ways to Beat Summer Heat

· Rest and De-Stress: Make Over Your Evening Routine

· Lemon Essential Oil Facts and Recipes

· Guide For the Essential Oil Novice

· Essential Oil Spotlights, DIYs, and Recipes

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Cleaning – it’s got to be done. It’s good for your health if you do it right.

Check out this amazing post about cleaning the right way though the link bellow!

So we all have to clean… unfortunately! But having a clean home is important. What if you could literally swap out all of your toxic chemical cleaners for natural option? Well… you actually can! With all the growing allergies and respiratory issues such as asthma, its super important that we reduce the toxic load in […]








Empowered Life Series: The Great Outdoors

There’s nothing quite like being outdoors to increase feelings of wellbeing! Join Kacie VaudreyMarti Christensen, and Saramarie Smith as they share how they use doTERRA to make the most of their outdoor activities –camping, swimming, hiking, or just enjoying the sunshine.

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Um mermaid hair? Yes please.
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How to get mermaid hair with essential oils All types of hair need tender love and care—and what better time to start than during summer? Give your hair the treatment it deserves with our DIY mermaid hair serum and spray! It’s packed with herbaceous, sweet scents that’ll keep it shiny and silky even in the […]

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DIY Essential Oil Silly Putty — Plant Therapy Blog

Did you love playing with silly putty as a kid? Do you have kids who love playing with it now? Feeling that soft, ooey, gooey goodness squish between your fingers while you shape it, squish it, stamp it — really, you can do whatever you want with it! The point is, putty is a fun […]

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Essential Oil Recipes for Aromatherapy Candles —

I love lighting candles throughout the house, especially when the sun goes down. Now I’m finding I can add healthy benefits for body, mind, and soul every time I light a candle by making my own using essential oils. I enjoy my diffuser and diffuser jewelry throughout the day, but in the evening, I love my candles. It creates […]

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Natural Remedies for a Dry and Persistent Cough — Healthable

A cough in most cases is not a sign of anything serious, this reflex or uncontrolled action is carried out by the body to clear the airways and respiratory system of mucus, irritants and other blockades. A cough can be dry or chesty. A chesty cough produces mucus to help clear the airways while in […]

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Essential Oil Recipes for Aromatherapy Candles —

I am so excited to share this recipe I found today. I’ve been trying to find the best way to create my own candles (and wax melts!). This recipe looks to be a winner. I’m breaking out my favorite essential oils and getting excited to start – I am even thinking some essential oils in candles to keep the bugs away outside!
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