The Best (And Safest!) Essential Oils for Your Body Type

I see this video and just adored it!

I had to share it along to all of you.

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Chakra Supporting Oils — Dragonspit Apothecary & Crafts

Have you used essential oils to help balance your chakra?
I just love this post about it – check out more through the link bellow!


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Cleaning – it’s got to be done. It’s good for your health if you do it right.

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So we all have to clean… unfortunately! But having a clean home is important. What if you could literally swap out all of your toxic chemical cleaners for natural option? Well… you actually can! With all the growing allergies and respiratory issues such as asthma, its super important that we reduce the toxic load in […]








Essential Oils Market: Global Market Share, Trend Analysis & Forecast Up To 2024

Interested in essential oils? Perhaps just amused at the recent hype? Wondering why so many people on your social media are now always taking photographs with essential oils?

My favorite segment from this post reads as follows:

The Global Essential Oils Market Based On Applications:

The global essential oils market finds major applications in food & beverages, personal care & cosmetics, spa & relaxation, home care, health care and others. In 2017, the food & beverage segment dominated the market and is anticipated to maintain its market hold over the next six years. Rising consumer income across developing nations coupled with high demand for premium cuisine is expected to contribute to the segment growth. Spearmint, basil, citronella, orange, lemon, rosemary, and others are progressively being used to extract oils and improve flavor in food & beverages instead of adding herbs and spices. Rising demand for attractive color and taste in local dishes are further fuelling to market growth.

Additionally, novel applications, such as biofuels, are opening new possibilities for the utilization of essential oils that could turn into lucrative future businesses. Essential oils have a great comforting and calming effect on the nervous system and are also helpful in blood circulation stimulation, which has triggered the essential oils demand from spa & relaxation application segment.

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Empowered Life Series: The Great Outdoors

There’s nothing quite like being outdoors to increase feelings of wellbeing! Join Kacie VaudreyMarti Christensen, and Saramarie Smith as they share how they use doTERRA to make the most of their outdoor activities –camping, swimming, hiking, or just enjoying the sunshine.

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What is a doTERRA Essential Oil?

There are no wasted efforts in nature. Have you ever wondered what the role of essential oils is in seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers and other parts of plants? Essential oils play key roles reproductive, protective, and regenerative purposes. Watch this video and consider the endless applications of these gifts from the earth!









The History of Herbal Medicine and Essential Oils — Good Witches Homestead

The history of essential oils is intertwined with the history of herbal medicine, which in turn has been an integral part of magical practices. Herbal medicine has been used for more than treating minor ailments and disease; it has been instrumental in providing life-enhancing benefits. In most ancient cultures, people believed plants to be magical, […]

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Essential Oil Recipes for Aromatherapy Candles —

I am so excited to share this recipe I found today. I’ve been trying to find the best way to create my own candles (and wax melts!). This recipe looks to be a winner. I’m breaking out my favorite essential oils and getting excited to start – I am even thinking some essential oils in candles to keep the bugs away outside!
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