YAHHH! I am so excited it’s October. ❤ This year has been flying by for me, but it’s also been such a lovely time.

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September & October Background

Ready for September? Get a bit more organized with this cute little background I made up. I loved it so much, I thought I would share it! I hope in the coming months you find lots of inspiration. ❤

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Inspirational Backgrounds

No matter how 2016 ended for you, every year brings a new chance to start over.

Sometimes the idea of a new start, or change is terrifying.

I like to believe that every day is a chance to grow, so that the new year doesn’t force me to re-evaluate my life every December. So to keep my own chin up I like to create inspiring images for my backgrounds. I thought I would start the new year by sharing a few with you all.
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